Smarter business solutions, high performance results

Smarter business solutions, high performance results

About us

Overview / History

Lithocraft is a privately owned company established in 1962.


As a private business, Lithocraft’s focus is on pro-active service by streamlining our customers print production and offering technology driven solutions like digital asset management tools. This has resulted in forming long-term relationships with clients.

Lithocraft has established itself in the market place as a leading innovator on internet based multichannel workflow solutions.


Lithocraft is small enough to care, but big enough to deliver. We are totally customer driven and have a reputation for ‘going the extra mile’.

The inevitable evolution of our industry into one of growing, successful, profitable companies who provide full-service solutions (from concept through to fulfillment) to meet the direct marketing publishing and communications needs of customers.

Lithocraft is an innovative print and communications business.


The traditional business model of the print organisation is changing. Successful printers like Lithocraft are supplementing their core ink on paper with a broader range of services driven by innovation, technology and superior customer service to deliver a new range of customer deliverables.


It is the experience and dedication of Lithocraft’s staff that provide the real ‘value add’ to our customers. Lithocraft pro-actively works to find better ways to make it easier for you & your customers.


A combination of creative, consultative and production talent, provide a real focus on innovation and cost savings.


Being the best doesn’t happen by accident. Lithocraft proactively works to find better ways to do things based on our clients’ ever-evolving needs. From our custom-built, state-of-the-art premises, to the passionate and knowledgeable people working within, everything is geared towards giving you a more streamlined, cost-effective and impactful result. We apply best practice to:

  • Pre-press
  • Design
  • Print production
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • Offshore production
  • Digital
  • Online tools
  • Onsite Print Hubs
  • Workflow analysis
  • Print diagnostic audits
  • Re-brands
  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Dedicated account management
  • Quality and Environment Standards

End-to-end, we help you achieve direct and indirect savings through improved workflow, greater control and transparency, and better speed to market.

Smarter Business

Control at your fingertips

For decades, Lithocraft has been leading the industry with innovation and the latest technologies.


Lithocraft’s powerful online module base solution will save your business time, money and effort. Representing the latest in the workflow and data management technology, Lithocraft can   provide a marketing platform to better manage and streamline all of your marketing collateral.

Streamlining marketing workflow

  • Improved marketing, workflow and publishing solutions
  • Proven online module based system
  • Intuitive user friendly operating system
  • Latest in workflow & data management technology
  • Advanced Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Local area marketing (LAM)
  • Innovative pre-press & soft proofing
  • Industry leading inventory management & reporting
  • Fully integrated customised system

Innovation Culture

Lithocraft has a ‘unique’ way of doing things. It’s how we innovate, operate, collaborate and deliver value for our customers. It’s delivering thoughtful, knowledgeable and exceptional service that makes a difference.


It’s about our core values, best practice model and passionate approach to delivering high performance everyday, in everything we do.


Lithocraft as an organisation embraces the ‘spirit’ of innovation. No two customers are the same. At Lithocraft we approach every customer with a tailored and flexible solution to meet their needs.


We have a strong belief in sharing our knowledge with our customers. By doing so, we empower them to make better decisions that deliver more cost effective outcomes and better results.

Our People

  • Kevin Pidgeon

    50 years’ experience in the printing and graphic arts industries has helped build Lithocraft into one of Australia’s leading print & workflow solution providers. Lithocraft’s success is a testament to his focus, his determination to do things better, and his continual investment in the latest technology and best people.

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  • Nick O'Sullivan

    Nick joined Lithocraft in 1993. His passion and commitment led to him being appointed as a Partner in 2003 and then to the position of Managing Director in 2013. He is a driving force behind the growth and development of the company.

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  • Shane O'Neill

    Shane joined Lithocraft in 2008. He has extensive industry experience having held senior sales and marketing management roles in the print industry over the last 30 years. Along with Nick, he oversees people and culture, the development of Lithocraft’s new/existing business strategy, marketing and all customer communication. His passion and energy are never in short supply.

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  • Lesley Bergin

    Since joining Lithocraft in 2006, Lesley has been an invaluable central point of contact for many of our major customers. Her experience and expertise in the industry has been gained from working in print purchasing, production, account and project management. This has resulted in some very successful partnerships with major brands which include GlaxoSmithKline, Hertz, BMW, Mondelez, UniSuper, Fiat Chrysler, to mention a few.

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  • Anne-Maree Salvucci

    With over 17 years’ experience in print purchasing, production, account management and service delivery, Anne-Maree places an extremely high premium on providing the highest level of service for Lithocraft’s customers. Working together to support the Executive Team, she is focused on delivering results and continuing to form long term relationships with our customers.

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  • MyLe Chu

    MyLe has over 19 years’ experience in the printing sector, specialising in account management and customer service. She joined Lithocraft in 2005, and has been an integral part of servicing key customers such as Mazda Australia, National Heart Foundation, CHE Proximity, Country Road, Laminex and Rip Curl Australia. Her excellent communication skills and ability to adapt quickly to customers’ needs were forged in part during her seven years at Hannanprint Victoria where she acted as an Account Manager and Client Services Representative.

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  • Lena Frew

    Lena joined Lithocraft in 1990 as a sales executive and set up the Asia Print division six years later. She began her career at Singapore’s largest printing organisation, and she now represents one of Hong Kong’s leading international printers, C&C Offset Printing. Lena’s clients include major publishers such as Bauer Media Group, Cambridge University Press and Allen & Unwin (including Murdoch Books).

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  • David Paola

    David has a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Business (Accounting) and is an Associate Member of CPA Australia. He has worked in finance/IT/project management for the last 18 years, joining Lithocraft in 2001. David plays a key role in the in development of our online services and is an integral part of the transition and implementation of new accounts. His consultative background and systems analysis training has proved invaluable with our customer interface, performance reporting, and service delivery.

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  • Kevin Roux

    Kevin joined Lithocraft in February 2016 as the Lead Logistics Development Manager. He previously spent 11 years with the IKEA Group in both Australia and France, in various logistics and sales management positions. His experience and knowledge of the supply chain combined with his focus on customer service are key to ensuring top quality logistics management within the organisation. Kevin prides himself in ensuring there is constant development of technology and that there are efficient processes to best serve the customers.

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  • Paul Salmon

    An expert in his profession, Paul has worked in the pre- press and printing industry for over 32 years. He has been with Lithocraft for over 14 years managing variable data, artwork and imagery. With an eye to the future Paul will be responsible for our new digital offering commencing June1, 2016.

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  • Steven Makin

    Steve joined Lithocraft as a Business Development Manager in March 2013. He brings a wealth of experience through his relationship development and management skills. Steve quickly understands customers needs and develops strategic solutions to improve the supply chain. An ability to think strategically combined with effectively managing day to day work is an excellent mix for our customers.

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Knowledge is power. At Lithocraft we have a strong belief in sharing knowledge with our customers. By doing so, we empower them to make better business decisions that result in more impactful and cost effective outcomes. Put simply:


Experience + Product Knowledge = Creativity + Cost Savings


Print School


The Lithocraft free print school has proved to be extremely popular with our customers. These one day seminars, taught onsite in small group settings by industry specialists, are an intensive course in print knowledge, and include a plant tour. We’ve designed the day to suit anyone who wants to learn more about the printing process, and judging by the excellent feedback we get from customers, it’s time well spent.


Download Print school PDF

Innovation Days


Another way we empower customers via knowledge is through our regularly conducted Innovation Days. By working collaboratively with marketers, procurement and key stakeholders we provide advice and coaching in areas such as:


  • The most cost effective way to execute a job
  • Alternative design, construction and finished product suggestions
  • Ways to improve workflow management and meet critical brand lead times
  • Achieving better flexibility and control, ie artwork, file storage and retrieval

Apart from being invaluable in a general sense, Innovation Days can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

Global Reach

There are financial realities in printing. One being  that sometimes there are undeniable advantages to printing overseas.


To assist our clients achieve the very best for their  printing dollar, Lithocraft has an exclusive alliance  in Australia with one of Asia’s largest print organisations (C&C).


Based in Hong Kong, C&C have an extensive  production capability in China with printing facilities  in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.


They offer numerous offshore manufacturing solutions, including:

  • C&C Offset Printing
  • C&C Security Printing
  • C&C Packaging
  • C&C Innovations

Our local and offshore production capability provides alternative cost-effective supply option(s).


C&C Printing has successfully acquired all necessary quality (ISO 14001), FSC® (FSC-C011161), Occupational Health & Safety Management 8 ISO 27001 information management certifications.


We will always strive to do what is best for your job and your budget. Learn more at